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What are the benefits of having a DVR?

A Digital Video Recorder offers control, convenience and choice while watching TV.  Hargray Digital Television customers can now take control over their TV experience by subscribing to our DVR Service. Customers can easily record their favorite programs and then play them back anytime, watch one program and record another, watch two programs at the same time, and pause, rewind or fast-forward live TV.

Box - Customers with an HDTV can view their high definition programs and regular digital channels with the same set-top box. A separate box is not needed.

Control Live Television - Imagine that the telephone is ringing, and you don't want to miss any scenes of your favorite live TV program. DVR lets you pause the live program (for up to one hour), rewind and play a portion of it again, or fast-forward to catch up to live TV.  Sports fans can enjoy complete control by using the instant replay, slow motion, and frame advance and rewind to watch their favorite play again.

Recording - Record and save your favorite TV programs to the DVR. When two of your favorite TV programs are scheduled at the same time, record one program while watching the other. Never miss your favorite programs that are scheduled at the same time. Simply record both programs at the same time, and, better yet, watch a third program you programmed earlier while recording the other two. Set the DVR to record a single episode or all episodes of your favorite TV programs. Record one of your favorite TV programs and, at the same time, access any advanced application, such as Movies On Demand.

Record Time - You can save up to 50 hours of programing on your DVR, meaning you can watch your favorite programs over and over again. You can check your available recording space anytime.

Available recording time may vary based on the service in your area. Recording time may decrease if programing is recorded in HD.

Dual Program Viewing - Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is built into the Explorer 8300HD DVR so you can watch two live programs at the same time on any make or model TV that is connected to your DVR. The PIP feature does not have to be built into your TV set. When something exciting occurs in the PIP program, you can easily swap the PIP into the main screen. Once that program is in the main screen, you can pause, rewind or record it. When the PIP screen position is covering a "must see" moment on the main screen, simply move the PIP screen to a different corner of your TV screen.

Service not available in all areas.


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