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I am an AOL user; why am I not receiving my emails?

There are several common reasons why you might not be getting emails.

Check your Mail Controls (or Mail Preferences) to make sure you are not blocking the person (or blocking everyone). The person trying to send you an email should be receiving an error message saying that you are not accepting mail from that address. Be sure to set your mail controls to receive mail from all users, not just AOL users. If you don’t have your mail program set properly, some or all people will not be able to contact you, and mail sent from our forum administrator will not reach you. This means that you may not receive messages from people who may have information to share with you. You may not receive replies to queries you submit, and you will not receive the automated messages informing you of your password, etc. 

To correct your Mail Controls (or Mail Preferences) if they are not set properly to accept mail, do the following:

• Go to Keyword: mail controls.
• Set them to accept mail from all users. Be sure the controls are set to accept mail from all users, not only the people you specify on your list.
• Set them for each screen name that you want to receive the mail from (i.e., the screen name that you use to send someone a message). 

Your mailbox may be full. If your mailbox is full, the email may eventually go through but will not be able to go through at the time the email is sent. There may be a typo in your email address. Double check that your email address is typed correctly, and, if not, contact the sender to get your email address fixed.


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