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What do I do if my cell phone does not power on?

There are several reasons as to why you may not be able to power on your phone. In many cases, it is the result of the battery or an additional power source, such as a cigarette lighter adapter.

The issues below outline the most common problems. Select the item that best describes what happened when your phone stopped working. Caution: DO NOT OPEN the phone casing. This will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

My phone got wet: Let it dry for several days.

Defective cigarette lighter adapter (CLA)? Check that there is power going to the CLA. This is indicated by a small light on the CLA itself.

Could it be a bad fuse? Bring your phone to a Retail Store so we can check it for you.

Corrosion (green and white flakes): Corrosion is usually caused by water interacting with the metal of your battery. Over time, this will cause improper connection to your phone. You may want to try cleaning these connections with a soft towel. If that does not work, you may have to replace the battery.

Is your battery charging? You may want to ensure that your battery is receiving the proper charge. Make sure to use a charger that is performing properly.

Possible loose connection? In some cases, your phone may have a loose connection inside. This may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


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