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How do I view multimedia messages on my cell phone?

When you receive a multimedia message, an envelope icon appears on your phone’s screen and remains until all messages are viewed. The message is stored in the Inbox until the full message has been received, regardless of the auto receive or prompt setting.

  1. Press the left soft key to View the multimedia message. If the message is long, press the Navigation key down to view the entire multimedia message.
  2. Press the right soft key to select Options. Press the Navigation key down to highlight additional options for the multimedia message:


Note: The options available to you may vary. Check with your service provider. 

  • Message Info displays multimedia message information (priority, sender, subject, time sent and received, and message size).
  • Mute silences the embedded sounds in the multimedia message.
  • Sender displays sender information.
  • Forward launches the message creation screen, allowing you to forward the multimedia message. The original address is not shown, nor the graphic, sound and text fields.
  • Lock Msg to avoid accidentally erasing it.
  • Play Video plays the video in the multimedia message.
  • Replay plays the multimedia message again from the beginning.
  • Done exits the multimedia message.
  • Call initiates call to sender of multimedia message.
  • Save Picture saves the currently viewed picture embedded in the multimedia message.
  • Save Sound saves the current sound embedded in the multimedia message.
  • Save Address extracts email addresses, phone numbers and/or URLs from the sender information and multimedia message body.
  • Save as QuickText saves the text in the multimedia message to the QuickText list.
  • Save Message saves the multimedia message to the Saved Folder on the phone.


         3. When you are finished viewing the multimedia message, select Reply or press the End key.


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